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History of the Pottery

Boleslawiec stoneware originated as a quality folk art in the latter half of the 14th century.  It was made in the eastern German province of Silesia which now resides in Poland.  Within Germany it is still known as Bunzlauer Keramik, named after the former German town of Bunzlau in Schlesien, now Boleslawiec/Silesia.  Today, in the small town of Boleslawiec, skilled artisans continue to individually create each piece of Polish Pottery with the same pride and care used for centuries, preserving the charm of Old Central Europe.

This durable stoneware is created from a native white clay and then fired in ovens to temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees C.  It is extremely durable, will not crack or chip easily and maintains its color.  Each piece is completely lead-free and can be used safely in the oven, dishwasher, microwave and freezer.

Originally, craftsmen applied the decoration using their fingers later switching to stamps carved out of frozen potatoes.  Unique to traditional Polish Pottery patterns are the “eye spot” designs with the motif of the peacock.  These blue and green eyespots and variations are classically arranged on the pieces and are distinctive to the Silesian region of Europe.  Polish Pottery is famous for its clean lines and captivating designs in cobalt blue, forest green and the earth tones.  Now there are also newer patterns in yellow and with floral hand painted designs.

Each piece of pottery is fashioned as a unique work of art and it retains the charm of old European masterpieces.  We obviously love Polish Pottery and hope that you, too, will find joy in the many years of use you will get from this wonderful product!

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